The “Re-Emerging” project...

The “Re-Emerging” project was born in the aftermath of the lockdown when Giovanna Poggi Marchesi, an event organiser, and Sophie Fauchier, a photographer, ended their respective isolation in the Treviso countryside and in the lagoon city, and met. They found inspiration in the transformation of their experiences, with the common intention of exploring it from a new and different prospect.

Giovanna, combining scientific training with her artistic sensitivity, defined a project that aims to explore the connections between people's isolation, beautifully taken up in Sophie's photographic shots, with the observation of the nature, so changed after the sharp drop in anthropic pressure, highlighting the aspects of adaptation and resilience emerging from extraordinary circumstances.

The approach broadens...

The artists Gaby Wagner and Val Masferrer Oliveira were involved to enrich the photographic collection.

Additionally, CORILA, the consortium for the coordination of research relating to the Venice lagoon system, enriched the project, under Caterina Dabalà’s leadership, with a unique, organized, interdisciplinary freely on-line digital archive of Venetian images, coupled with brief sentences to evoke the emotional context of that poignant yet exciting period. It will serve as a repository of the collective memory and support reflection.

The first step will be an exhibition in March 2024 in Piazza San Marco, extended online for one year, with the follow-up of the data collected and published during 2025. The exhibition space, the Procuratie Vecchie, is a symbolic place of resilience, tradition, and prestige of the Serenissima Republic of San Marco. It is strategic for the contrast between the void of Venice during the lockdown and the overwhelming crowd of today.

Science and communication...

Furthermore, scientists Alice Stocco and Silvia Rova conducted a science experiment to collect the negative and positive feelings Venetian people were experiencing during the lockdown. Their analysis enriches the project.

Marianne Tesler with her experience, guides and gives impetus to the entire work team, helping to overcome the difficulties encountered and to find the financial resources for the project.

Emozionarty, Gianluca la Rosa - creative director and webmaster and Alberto Attanasio - multimedia and visions - implemented the website, developed the digital archive with multimedia tools. Along with the artists and scientists, they design the exhibition space incorporating sound designer Elena Imbrunito to emphasise the immersive experience.

Cristina Gatti and Giordana Sapienza are the public relations team.